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What are best practices for making a athletic scholarship decision?

This is the Full Service / Low Cost recruiting service solution you've been looking for, designed for varsity level student athletes with the skills, desire, & work ethic to play at the collegiate level & their parents.
Get "Right Fit" Recruited!
We give you THREE complete recruiting services specifically designed to help find the right college for you, for a fraction of the cost others charge for One.

What's Inside . . .

  • Use our professional level recruiting software to discover every college you qualify to attend that offers athletic scholarships in your sport.
  • Add your profile to our athlete database searchable by college coaches from across the U.S.
  • Our partner, the National College Resources Foundation (NCRF), will assign an athletic recruiting expert to help you connect with college coaches.
  • The NCRF also provides additional services such as help with securing financial aid, grants, SAT/ACT prep, etc... addition you'll receive an incredible array of downloadable documents and media based training and information on all aspects of NCAA & NAIA athletic scholarships.


What are best practices for making a athletic scholarship decision?

A Customized "Right Fit" Athletic Scholarship...That's the Difference!

Program Overview

Pro Football Player Bradley Randle is Impressed!

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Empowered Parent Program

Created for non-varsity & middle school student athletes whose goal is to play sports at the collegiate level & their parents.
Get Prepared!
Learn everything you need to know to make sure you're in the Perfect Position to
attract & accept Athletic Scholarship Offers.

What you will Learn . . .

  • Learn How Athletic Scholarships Really Work
  • Navigate High School Sports Correctly
  • #1 Reason most Athletes Don’t Receive Scholarship Offers
  • Inside scoop from Coaches and School Administrators
  • and much much more . . .


What is the minimum GPA required to play college sports?